Charity Fund Donation Ceremony to Senior Artist Nou​ Sip

                  Human Resource University organized a charity fund donation ceremony to a senior artist NOU Sip

            On Friday 27th September 2018, the Human Resource University organized a charity fund donation ceremony to a senior artist NOU Sip presided over by Professor Dr. EK Monosen, the rector of the university with more than 500 participants including donors, publics, students, lecturers and the university staff. According to H.E Dr. EK Monosen this event has the following main purposes:

  • To show respect, give value and honor, and to promote an invaluable achievement of a senior artist NOU Sip, who has the best background in serving national art sector.
  • To encourage the public to preserve the legacy of inheritance tonality, traditional art and culture, and to encourage talented senior artist who has well performances.
  • To express kindness, love, and compassion as well as our generous charity to help and support elderly life of the senior artist NOU Sip, while his health condition does not make him a livelihood. This is a response to his skills and accomplishments, which has served the arts and the feelings of Khmer people for decades.
  • To draw the attention of generous donors to remember the rare masterpieces and talents of the famous artist, and continue contributing their support to his ultimate life as an appropriate senior artist.
  • These activities are gestures that promote the artistic value which is the soul of the nation, and as an encouragement to other artists.

On this occasion, the rector appealed to the general public, all Cambodian artists, institutions, organizations and individuals to continuously assist NOU Sip and other artists, who have encountered difficulties. He also encourages staff, faculty and students of Human Resources University as well as the general public to promote and preserve all our cultural heritages and to preserve national prestige.The total amount of charity fund to the senior artist NOU Sip is $ 5,788.02 .


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