The Leadership Course of Human Resource University Director to focus on

On the evening of August 10, 2017, at 5:30 pm at the Human Resources University Conference Hall, the students were greeted and directed by more than 500 students who started a new course presided over by HE Dr. Seng Phally, Chairman of the Board of Human Resources.

At the ceremony, HE Chairman of the Board of Directors presented the purpose of the meeting:

1- To link this discussion to orientation and instruction in the goal of improving the efficiency and quality of learning, which is the basis of successful learning, success, success and success for your life.

2- To showcase the growth and potential of the university’s training, build confidence and stamina of students at the University of Human Resources.

3- To handle student requests.

4- and other issues related to student study.

In this important event, HE Chairman of the Board of Directors shared meaningful experiences for the students, taking into account the tough and bitter history of life, student, university leaders and colleagues, struggling to cope with all kinds of difficulties in building the Human Resource University and in the mission of the mouse. This causes human resources to become a well-known and well-established university with both material and material resources, resources, financial resources and a well-designed curriculum that ensures sustainability and quality of education and is recognized internationally and internationally. </s>

His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, His Excellency, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, In his lifetime of work, he has instructed students to pay attention to learning to become a full-fledged intellectual resource that ensures that you do not lack a job, you will prosper and your family will prosper by learning. Do not be harsh with poverty or hardship, and drop out of school to find work to deal with. If you do that, you encounter problems in life can not be edited, but you are looking for job opportunities during the study to gain experience and be able to supply graduates to want to end. You definitely should not give up learning and changed its name as a student worker intellectuals called their brother dropped out without the knowledge and Sure, you’ll be working with physical force. The success factor is due to the outstanding academic and academic pursuit of a Human Resource University study, with the focus on quality at the end of the course of your career and success in life.

In addition, Mr. Chairman, His Excellency Dr. Quinones champion HR University Rector also mentions a university accreditation from all walks of life, both locally and internationally by university management attention in the development of the university in all areas through the implementation of The constant investments to tean_sapheapkar history of evolution and competitive tournaments, both local and regional resources. So far, the university has its own building 12 storeys to 92 room that can accommodate around 10,000 students studying equipped with facilities with modern equipment, standards, management ability and knowledge The many years of experience in education resources, professors are highly qualified and have a clear pedagogical curriculum has been honed to be more responsive to labor market needs. In order to facilitate job seekers, the school will organize the program frequently for each skill, by inviting companies to offer their skills and knowledge requirements for career development, to develop training programs, to expand student understanding of their skills, and to link industrial industry with search. Student’s job postings.

HE Rector also advised the students to be human beings, to have a high responsibility, to struggle, to be competitive, and to have the art of problem solving. You want to be a good man, to be rational with a good people; All problems arise in the face of trying to be resolved by a commitment and struggle with intelligence, not avoiding problems, not being disturbed by politics, being wary of political influences and lacking the opportunity to learn about the future. Be determined not to be lazy, not to be lazy, to become a life-threatening habituation, to look at a rich man, to be sure he has something special, rich, not accidental, but hard-working and time-consuming. The Rector also recommends a number of other issues, which are important messages for you to take into consideration in the direction of your academic life and future.

This ceremony has a great meaning in sharing knowledge and experience

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