Memorandum of Understanding between Human Resource University

On November 25, 2017, at 7:30 am at the Human Resource University, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Human Resources University and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, followed by a seminar on “Securities Market Bond and Law Enforcement” presided over by HE Mad Sothearosen, Rector of the University of Human Resources Mr. Sou Socheat, Director-General of Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia with participants of the students, officials, professors, and police officers of the National Police Commissariat attended a total of 500 participants.

Organizing the event in two goals together is:

1. To set up a partnership between the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia and the University of Human Resources to promote awareness amongst students in securities sector and human resource development in the securities industry as well as to develop the securities sector in Cambodia as a new turning point of Cambodia’s economic development through the signing of important memorandums of understanding.

2. To implement this Memorandum of Understanding, the two organizations co-organized a seminar on “Securities Market Bond and Law Enforcement” for the main purposes:

– Expanding understanding and sharing experiences to students about new knowledge regarding securities trading and securities law enforcement in Cambodia.

– To combine theoretical learning to practice and practical experience through direct debate and experience and in-depth recommendations from the leaders and experts of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, giving students the opportunity to explore, expand

Knowledge of securities trading and ability to enter into securities trading activities in the future.

– Building a solid foundation of knowledge and professional skills to business students responding to the needs of the labor market needs and social development.

– Part of the way for students to find internships, internships and job opportunities at securities companies or institutions.

These are the strategies that HRH always works to enhance and enhance understanding of students’ skills. Today’s seminar has made business students understand the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, rules and regulations in the securities industry, regulators and key players in the securities sector. What is Securities? Benefits From Finding More Resources Through Securities Market What are the requirements for issuing securities? What are the procedures for the company to issue public equity securities? Understand securities trading and procedures to be an investor, understand business and investment projects, and understand investor protection and securities law enforcement, which are of great importance and value for business students and for business matters.

At the workshop, officials of the National Police Commissioner also participated in exploring to strengthen law enforcement in the sector. The participants and students were delighted and delighted to listen to the lecturers’ explanations and raise their questions and present their interaction with the five keynote speakers and gain the knowledge and experience of their intended purpose. This is another achievement that the University has achieved in Human Resource Training Mission in accordance with the University’s Human Resources Strategic Objectives and Vision.

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